On Dating, Pt. 2

When I am upset or going through something, I become a total internet troll. I scour the web for anything I can find on how others have survived the same experience. This is part of the reason I write. In Pt. 1, I shared my experiences in dating and dealing with rejection. Below are a few of the articles/blogposts that gave me the most hope when I was feeling blue.

  1. 4 Tips For Handling Rejection When Dating. One of my favorite pieces of writing, a hands down winner. Insightful, helpful, and honest.
  2. I’m a sucker for trashy quizzes. It’s embarrassing. Who wants to admit they took a quiz called “Does He Like Me?”. Barf. But I did. Surprisingly, the results dealt me a solid dose of balance and truth.
    “Does He Like Me” quiz.
    My results.
  3. It’s easy to feel lonely when you’re 32 (almost 33), single, and without the family you never intended not to have. Melanie Notkin’s writing gave my heart the vocal cords it didn’t realize it needed. Below is an excerpt from I’m 45, Single, And Childless. No, There’s Nothing “Wrong” With Me.

    I hadn’t planned it this way. I have always been open to love and relationships. I have held on to hope and to expectations and to dreams and to grief and to men I should have let go of much sooner. I have been high on love and tip-toed on top of clouds. And I’ve lost my breath under a dark cloud, wondering why it’s so hard for me to have the long, meaningful relationship I deserve.

  4. Last, but not least, PostSecret. This is my favorite site to receive reminders from. Whatever shitty thing I think is happening, this site reminds me to keep coming back to perspective. Bless.

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